Prefbar for Firefox 1.5

I have had several people lately requesting a version of the Preferences Toolbar that works with Firefox 1.5. As some of you may know, I was out of the mozilla world for an extended period of time ending this last summer. The last few versions of the Prefbar have been developed and maintained by a team of programmers at Now that I have returned, I intend to get back into prefbar work again, hopefully in cooperation with those other guys. However, since I have not yet been able to discuss this with the mozdev group, I hacked together a quick update to the latest prefbar build in order to make it work with Firefox 1.5. This was actually a lot more complicated than I thought it would be (there were quite a few changes between 1.0 and 1.5, combined with the fact that there is now quite a bit of code in the prefbar that I am not familiar with), but I have a version that works.

Experimental Prefbar 3.5 for Firefox 1.5: Download
(You may have to save the file locally and then open it in Firefox in order for the install to begin.)

I know of two bugs in the current version:

  1. After changing the toolbar button selection via the options window, you have to open a new browser window before the changes are reflected. I’m working on figuring out a fix for this.
  2. Some of the buttons and checkboxes no longer work, mostly because of changed preference names. Your help in figuring this out would be appreciated. If you spot a preference that no longer works (or any other bug in the prefbar), email me at aaron at xulplanet dot com with the details.

This should be considered a somewhat unstable experimental build, suitable for those who really really need the prefbar for everyday browsing, and people who want to help me out by spotting bugs. I’m hoping to have a better, cleaner, less of a hack version available soon.