My Google Rankings

Aaron Andersen: 2
"Aaron Andersen": 4
Aaron: 557
Andersen: 332

These ranking tell us how important Google thinks I am, and since Google’s rankings are based on democratic things like link populatiy, they also give us a pretty good idea of how important the rest of the web thinks I am. I expect these numbers to rise over time, as people come to realize how incredibly awesome this blog is, and decide to link to me (and tell all their friends to do the same).

Actually, I don’t currently have the slightest clue if any real people are actually visiting this blog, other than the spammer who tried to fill my comments with advertising for online poker sites yesterday. (It didn’t work, because the system detected the comments as possible spam, and didn’t post them until I had a chance to review (and in this case, delete) them).

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