Google Talk Out

Well, I was half right. Mostly right actually. Google really did release an instand messenger client today. It’s called Google Talk, and it is (as I said it would be) clean, uncluttered, and very nicely done. (It’s actually a little too clean at the present time, but I’m assuming that lots of nice new features are on their way). It is based on open standards (did I say that yesterday? I meant to). It does not, however, use Google Adwords as an advertising mediam. In fact, it doesn’t use anything as an advertising medium. The darn thing doesn’t contain any ads at all! That I didn’t see coming.

The interesting thing about Google Talk is that, as it is based on the open Jabber protocol, any Jabber IM client can connect to the network and messenge with Google Talk users. They actually encourage you to try the other clients and only use Google’s if you think it’s the best one. That’s the philosophy that has driven Google from the beginning, the reason why a search for an address in google’s seach engine returns not only a link to google’s map service, but all a link to yahoo maps and mapquest, the two competing web map servers. Google knows most people won’t use the others anyway, because google maps is by far the better service, but they have to keep it that way or they will lose the market real fast.

 Another intersting story I read this morning talked about how google is hiring up so many people these days that other silicon valley companies are having trouble finding talent. Google also managed to create a 25% - 50% salary hike in the process, which also doesn’t make other companies happy. It makes me happy though, as someone who is going to graduate with a CS degree and be out looking for a job in the next little while. Be scared Microsoft, be very scared.

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