Blue Lecture of Death?

No, it’s not a parody, it’s not satire, Microsoft has designed a new high school (which they call “The School of the Future”) for the city of Philadelphia. It’s all based around (what they consider) futuristic technology and the Microsoft management style. I’ll refrain from making any of the hundreds of obvious jokes, but I can’t help but wonder, (a) What were they thinking? and (b) What would a school designed by Google look like?

Why is this a front page story?

Breaking News:

Leading astronomers say Pluto is no longer defined as a planet. - CNN


Leading Americans say they really don’t care what a bunch of bickering astronomers thinks.

Technically, tomatoes are fruits, but even the supreme court agreed that how the general public classifies them is much more important than how some crazy group of scientists does.

Somehow I think Pluto is going to remain a planet to everyone but these guys for a very very long time.