Firefox 2.0

Well, 2.0 is finally out. For real this time. Am I the only one who’s seeing the bug where the scrolling in the chat windows in gmail is broken in 2.0? Other than that everything seems great, and I already couldn’t live without the automatic inline spell checking.

Mozilla Accessibility Summit

I was all planning on posting a huge long summary of the Mozilla Accessibility Summit in Boston earlier in the month, but I came back with the flu. By the time I got over it, everybody else had pretty much already covered everything in other blogs. Guess I’ll try again next year…

Attention Extension Authors!

For anyone who wrote an extension for Firefox 1.5, remember that now is the time to update your theme for compatibility with Firefox 2.0. Often this will be as simple as running a verification test and then changing the maximum version information in your install.rdf file; other themes might require some slight fixing, but nothing big. Writing your updated version now (and getting it listed in your update rdf file) will ensure a seamless transition for everyone who uses your extension when Firefox 2.0 final is released (real soon now).